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About Oss.im Hosting

We have been in this industry a very long time. If we have learned anything at all, it is important to provide an honest, high quality and reliable service to your clients. Initially, we only provided word-of-mouth and private hosting solutions to our clients as we developed their applications. Over the years we have learned that we have a very strong methodology and great set of best practices. Therefore, Oss.im hosting was born. Originally as a playground for Justin Shattuck, Oss.im has evolved into a provider of niche services and tools for just about anything you can imagine.

We have clustered server environments located throughout the United States of America and Germany. We provide cost-effective, performance-driven and enironment friendly hosting platforms for clients of every size. If it is one thing we know how to do well, is host you. We do not have a large platform to host just about everyone, but we open up hosting slots from time to time. We do not oversell our hosting platforms, so you can always expect and know your data will be served up efficiently and quickly every time you request it!

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